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Engaging Life Integrated Wellness Center

West Valley 's New Total Wellness Facility

Mental Health & Behavioral Services

Therapies & Treatments


Mental HealthTherapy

Your overall health is impacted by your mental health, and mood can contribute to addiction. That’s why we address these co-occurring disorders together.


While the types and causes of mental health conditions vary widely, it’s agreed that these disorders can all negatively impact our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. If left untreated, depression, trauma, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD can interfere with everyday life. Fortunately, due to greater social awareness and advances in our understanding of how the human mind works, we are better able to identify and effectively treat these conditions.

At Engaging Life , we treat every individual with the dignity and respect they deserve, focusing on the whole person instead of a singular condition. Each patient receives a psychological assessment to ensure that they receive the appropriate treatment for their individual conditions. We are also able to treat any co-occurring substance use disorders in the same setting. We have a clinical team that is also able to prescribe assistive medications, when needed, based on the symptoms and severity of each patient. 

Individual & GroupTherapy


Our comprehensive, co-occurring treatment includes a wide range of methods and modalities to address each individual’s unique needs for whole-body healing.  Treatment is about so much more than just talking. Sure, you will have one-on-one sessions and participate in larger process groups, but recovery at Engaging Life Center also includes serenity walks, psycho-education on a wide range or topics, fishing in our pond, learning new life skills like boundary-setting, optional spirituality sessions, and workouts with a personal trainer.

Therapy Methods:

Patients will experience a variety of clinical methods ranging from individual and group therapy to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing. Classes may include life skills, wellness, communication and boundaries, recovery support and psycho-educational sessions.

We Also Offer Marriage & Family Counseling, Domestic Violence, Grief & Loss and E-Counseling for our clients to ensure that those in need get the assistance and required treatment regardless of location. 

E-Counseling is administered through

 At Engaging Life We Strive to Offer Services That Go The Extra Miles Necessary.... Our Clients Are Our Priority!

Detox Therapy


Getting substances safely out of your system so you can focus on the treatment process is a critical first step.  Why Medical Detox

Drug and alcohol abuse literally changes your brain, so before you can begin to process any beneficial information you take in during treatment, you need to detox. Medical detoxification safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug or alcohol use

Dangers of Withdrawal

Addiction is not a behavior or bad habit, it is a disease. That’s why most people need clinical and medical intervention to succeed in long-term recovery. Some people attempt to quit on their own, often going “cold turkey,” but this can be dangerous. Even if you successfully detox, the process will be more painful without the benefit of medical supervision and intervention.

Our Detox Process

At Engaging Life Integrated Wellness Center, we offer a full medical detox and sub-acute detox, using non-addictive medications and other natural methods to manage withdrawal symptoms. While patients may experience some discomfort, our goal is to make them as comfortable as possible while helping them safely get off drugs or alcohol.

Patients on detox status have a limited schedule, allowing them to mainly rest for the first few days while being carefully monitored. Our detox program includes 24-hour nursing, with vitals checked at regular intervals around the clock. Our trained medical team, which includes an MD, RN's, NP's, Counselors and other professionals, has the experience to know what to watch for as they help patients through this critical period.

Our medical team has a wide range of experience, which benefits our patients. If someone is going through Post- Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), they can coach them through both the physical and emotional symptoms. Withdrawal brings with it a lot of volatility to moods and emotions. Our experts can help patients differentiate between physical and emotional, not just treating them but educating them about the addiction process along the way.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Treatment Options

Alcoholism can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint because excessive alcohol users may remain “functional”: Able to work, maintain a home, sustain social relationships, etc. However, there are ways to know if someone in your life may be a functional alcoholic. He or she may:

Constantly need alcohol to relax or feel confident

Joke about being an alcoholic

Get angry when confronted about his or her amount of drinking

Lose friendships or have run-ins with the law due to drunken conduct

Continually forget what happened when he or she was drinking

Make regular excuses for being hungover, to the extent that friends and family also have to make excuses for him or her at times

Become aggressive, abusive, or very depressed when drinking

Other signs of alcoholism may be more clear, such as losing jobs, relationships, and family due to drinking. Excessive alcohol use can easily become disruptive to a person’s livelihood, but quitting “cold turkey” can be difficult, even dangerous, depending on the amount of alcohol one has been consuming on a regular basis.

Our substance abuse treatment center includes a secure behavioral health inpatient unit located in the center of our treatment center campus. Patients who require immediate stabilization due to the presence of psychiatric concerns or those who are in need of medical detoxification services can receive these interventions prior to the outpatient treatment at Engaging Life Integrated Wellness Center. When Patients present themselves to our outpatient center with drugs and/or alcohol in their system, the first step in their treatment may be to undergo the medical detox services offered at our outpatient program to safely rid their body of the toxic substance(s). Medical personnel monitor this period of detoxification to ensure individuals remain safe and comfortable throughout the process. Patients will also engage in a number of therapeutic interventions during their time in outpatient treatment. Following detox and completion of treatment their first phase, patients will engage in comprehensive treatment at Engaging Life Integrated Wellness Center outpatient care.

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