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Engaging Life Center 

Community Resource Center

West Valley 's New Facility

Transforming our Communities into the


We have many resources and services individualized to fit your specific circumstances and personal needs!

What We Offer




We believe that effective resources, from organizations and entities is the key to long-term success in our communities. Whether you need help managing  in counseling, chaplain services, housing, food or more, Engaging Life Center provides a variety of services and resources for your personalized care for you and your family.

Our comprehensive services and resources allow us to help a wide range of community needs. 

Engaging Life Center specializes in:

Faith Based Counseling

Chaplain Services

Self-Care Classes

Housing referrals

Free Food

And More!


(Must Come In At Least 1 Hour Prior to Closing)



Faith Based Counseling

You may have heard the term “faith based counseling” before and can probably infer the meaning of the phrase. By definition, faith based counseling, also known as pastoral or Christian counseling, combines cognitive behavioral development, found in most counseling practices, with teachings found in scripture. It allows an individual to find healing through God rather than oneself or another person.

Not only will you find relief for your mental health, but you’re also focusing on spiritual health. At Engaging Life Center, we place emphasis on hope that integrates scripture and strategies through our faith based counseling services. Our counseling focuses on strengthening identity and relationships as well as increasing and facilitating the relationship between you and God as the healer.

Engaging Life Center is the communities choice for individuals and families in need.

Chaplaincy Services

Chaplains offer spiritual guidance and pastoral care to the community,  patients, individuals and their families. As representatives of God, chaplains in hospitals and medical centers use the insights and principles of psychology, religion, spirituality, and theology.

Chaplains support and encourage people of all religious faiths and are familiar with beliefs across many different cultures. We customize our approach based on an individuals needs, background, age, and or medical condition.

Our chaplains have a variety of roles and responsibilities. We work with individuals, couples, families, small groups and public events offering support, encouragement, and security to people by providing:

Crisis intervention

Grief and bereavement counseling


Family support counseling


Staff counseling

Pre-surgical and post-surgical prayer and counseling

Work environment

Our chaplains will go to hospitals, mental health facilities, correctional institutions, children’s hospitals, hospice centers, and nursing homes as well as help to secure our communities during public events. We are available to provide services around the clock. 

Engaging Life Center's Chaplaincy service provides this type of service which leads to improved outcomes with continued care support .

Call  To Book Your Appointment Today or For More Information

Office (623)-225-4681

24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (855) 415-0693