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Engaging Life Center 

Engaging Life Integrated Wellness Center

West Valley 's New Total Wellness Facility

Transform yourself into the


We have many unique individualized treatment plans to fit your specific circumstances and personal needs!

What We Offer


Family Medical & Primary

 Total Wellness Care

We believe that effective Primary Care is the key to long-term health. Whether you need help managing chronic conditions or need immediate access to high quality primary care services, Engaging Life Center provides a variety of services and personalized care for you and your family.

Our comprehensive treatment services allow us to help a wide range of medical needs. 

Engaging Life Center specializes in:

Family Medical

Geriatric Care

Minor Acute & Chronic Treatment

Well Woman

School  Physicals

Annual Physicals & Exams


Pregnancy Testing

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Medication

Employee Drug Testing

Weight Loss Medication

And More!


(Must Come In At Least 1 Hour Prior to Closing)

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Measurement & Assessment-

Ongoing measurement and feedback is the basis for outcome informed decision making and treatment.

Consistent Program Elements

Inclusion of disease management concepts in the continuing care process

Detailed & comprehensive continuing care planning

Warm transfers to resources in the resident’s community for treatment.

By offering supported, client-directed treatment that emphasizes the relationship between client and Staff and by ensuring that the care and personnel meet or exceed measurable standards for excellence.

Engaging Life Center is the provider of choice for individuals and families in need.

Treatment Model-

We focus on clinical excellence. The clinical principles that drive us to excellence are client-directed, outcome-informed treatment philosophy, and a data supported belief that the therapeutic alliance is the most important single element of a good treatment outcome.

Our model is based upon a series of evidenced based focused principles, 

The most important element in treatment is the therapeutic alliance.

 this type of treatment leads to improved outcomes with continued care support .

Call  To Book Your Appointment Today or For More Information

Office (602)-845-0767

24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (855) 415-0693